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Our specialty is delicious cuisine created with ingenuity and passion inspired by the the local flavors of the Ozarks and delivered to your table to share. We take great pride in improving upon your favorite dishes in new and creative ways.

Unlike any other offering in our region, the ‘Fork celebrates nature, local farmers, locally sourced products and unique, gourmet food, sustainably produced wine and local craft beer from the awarded Norfork Brewing Company.

We are dedicated to local farmers as much as we are dedicated to great food. Do you know the farmer who grew your food? When you come to the ‘Fork, ask your server, and you will learn about the farmers and the food we present: where it was grown, why it is good for you, what it contributes to your experience, and how these farmers contribute to our community.

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We are excited not only to open the ‘Fork, but also to start this blog. This blog is all about food, beer, wine, Chef Hennington, our kitchen – and the experience of eating and being a part of our food community and promoting a local economy. Let’s get started with the ideas of a ‘foodContinue reading “Hello!”

Beer. Nature’s Beer.

Crazy. There’s a growing brewery in Norfork, Arkansas, a town of about 500 souls. And, this restaurant is the food flagship for the Norfork brand. We call the little town of Norfork “the ‘Fork.” No surprise our food flagship has the same name. We are very proud of our beer, brewed along the banks ofContinue reading “Beer. Nature’s Beer.”

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