Beer. Nature’s Beer.

Crazy. There’s a growing brewery in Norfork, Arkansas, a town of about 500 souls. And, this restaurant is the food flagship for the Norfork brand.

We call the little town of Norfork “the ‘Fork.” No surprise our food flagship has the same name. We are very proud of our beer, brewed along the banks of the White River, in Ozark National Forest, using crystal clear water welling deep from the famous limestone aquifers of the Ozark Mountains.  We use non-GMO grains, all grown in the US without glyphosate, locally foraged wild fruits and other key ingredients, organic when and wherever possible. We derive some of our yeast from the native Paw Paw fruit found along the banks of the White River. We forage wild fruit – from elderberry to staghorn sumac to raspberries – to use in our beer and seltzers. The exceptional quality and flavor of our beer flows not only from these ingredients, but also from the care and commitment we put into making every barrel. You can taste it in our beer. 

We want you to enjoy our beer at the ‘Fork, but for your convenience you can Find Nature’s Beer at your local liquor store, or on tap in restaurants throughout Arkansas and Oklahoma. If you haven’t visited our brewery, do stop in and say hello – we’ll give you a tour.  We are open seven days a week.  (Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and Easter) We have live music Saturday nights and made to order pizza, fresh from our pizza oven. We serve pizza and salads until about 7:30 in the evening.  

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